Observer 2016
For eons, humans have raised their heads staring at the sky, thinking about where we come from, and who we are, and our connection to space.

Physical cosmology is the most idealistic subject, Cosmologists keep asking questions about billions of years in the past and billions of years in the future, without immediate pragmatic value, which makes it pure and noble.

Most humans living on Earth will never physically get into space to observe it. Similarly, as if we are trapped in a room, the only way we observe the outside world is through a window.

The window connects the interior world and the exterior world. When the viewer stands inside the room, they look at the installation and, meanwhile, they think of the idealistic cosmos outside the room.

Unimaginably huge and unknowable timeless space intimidates us imperceptibly. That’s why humans need to face their insecurity and summon courage when they decide to “slipped the surly bonds of earth” and “touch the face of God.”
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