Xiaohan Li

Wuhan, China
Karlsruhe, Germany
Providence, RI, USA

This art project examines the relationship between objectivity and subjectivity.
On one hand, it reflects the objective outcome of people’s choice and their life.
On the other, it is also a reflective landscape of one’s social connection.
Numbers, as a stimulus, helps participants to uncover their feelings and thoughts about meaningful or meaningless encounters in life.

The purpose of this art project is to raise two questions:
“Can we know ourselves by knowing others?”
“Can we know others by knowing ourselves?”

Xiaohan intentionally invites volunteers without limitations in nationalities, languages, time zones and geographical locations to join the process of this art project. Some of them are her friends for years, some of them are completely strangers.
There are two simple steps:
1.Take a picture of a 2-digit number (00-99)
2.Write down a text (story or poem), talk about why you choose this number (no requirement in word number and language)

After they followed the two simple rules, the digital information they sent is gathered and organized through the Internet and finally published on the Tumblr page.

Every participant picks a number for some reason.
The outcome writing varies, some writes down a poem, some writes down a story and some just picks a number without any explanation.
Upon posting, they can choose to what degree to expose themselves, by real name, nickname or entirely anonymous
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