Elevators 2017
Elevators is an interactive video installation which examines the limitation of human as a medium.
Two elevators, two spaces.

On one side, one voice constantly repeating “1=2”
On the other side, one voice constantly repeating “+1” But you can only wear a headphone at a time.

In the digital age, humans are unavoidably exposed to the world of overwhelming information and most of the time perform as a medium in processing the information.
We are born with our limitations, same as any other media, covering a varied physical or mental disability in the full spectrum.

1+1=2 is true, but when separated, it turns out to be false. Humans can easily get a wrong answer because we are unable to see the whole landscape.

Once we try to discover, we are lost.

This video installation puts forward such a paradox. The person in the elevator appears in the same space at the same time by means of video editing. The person in the headphones can only get the simultaneous visual information but not the verbal information from the person in the elevator, which result in the inevitable misunderstanding.

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